Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Looking for a few good conservative blogs

Our first blogads run comprised a month each on a liberal blog, a libertarian blog, and one populated by sociology professors.

For our next run, we're looking for suggestions for conservative blogs to balance out the liberal blog(s) we've picked to be next.

Criteria include:

  • a level-headed nature to their postings

  • intellectual honesty - willing to admit their mistakes and make corrections

  • frequent backlinks from other conservative blogs

  • high traffic

  • most importantly, cheap

Feel free to self-link or link your friends in comments, but none of the criteria are really optional.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Beware of Speed Bumps

HonestArgument.com is undergoing active development and enhancement. You could even say it's in beta as the Web 2.0 kids say.

We maintain a development environment in which we test all of our enhancements prior to moving them to the HonestArgument.com domain. Occasionally, however, we (and sometimes you) encounter a problem that we didn't find in the development environment.

So please be patient if you encounter a problem, and because you're such a great person, we know you'll let us know at:


just in case we don't already.


New and updated nodes now in bold

If you're logged in, and viewing arg diagrams with text, new and updated nodes now appear as bold text. "New and updated" is calculated from the beginning of your last visit, so any nodes created or updated during your visit will also appear to you as new even if you saw them before.

Keep the suggestions coming!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

New: Argument diagrams with text

Several users have suggested an alternate diagram layout that includes the short text descriptions beside the node blocks. The image above serves as an example of this layout.

This is now the default layout. A link below the Argument diagram enables you to switch back and forth between with/without text modes, and your choice will persist for the session. (Note that this link is only present when viewing Arguments in general discussion, not temporary Arguments, although the operative mode is applied to temporary Arguments also).

Let us know what you think.